Case Study Of Rebelo Agricultural Group

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Organisation B – Rebelo Group Background The Rebelo Agricultural Group was founded by Jose Rebelo in 2009. Being founder of the Rebelo Group, Jose Rebelo possess the witted talent to form his own agricultural enterprise due to his 25 years of background experience and personalised relationship with farmers. The Rebelo Group contains three branches in the enterprise: RAP (Rebelo Agricultural Products) formed in 2009. RAP provides clientele with a full spectrum of packaging materials ranging from boxes to potato bags. ; RAM (Rebelo Agricultural Machinery) formed in 2010.RAM is an organisation which aims to provide lucrative machinery with intent to provided wider service towards farmers; RPS (Rebelo Parts and Service) formed in 2010. RPS provides the framework of mechanical parts and services to allow extensive functioning of RAM. The Rebelo Agricultural Group is classified as a private medium sized organisation whom uses a transactional leadership to achieve goals and …show more content…

The reason being is, it allows the family/friend appeal to be maintain moreover provides a sense of motivation for workers to work their way up the business ladder. Additionally, the selection process within enterprise is time consuming therefore taking multiple weeks to reach a decision. Moreover is the selection process only approved by a singular person in the business, the owner of the business? The purpose being is that Rebelo Group believes this allows owner opportunity to gain personal insight into what will be entering his enterprise moreover to ensure there specified coterie is achieved – the criteria of experience and good social skills . Furthermore, the element of placement is conducted by the head of enterprise. When placing an employee Rebelo Group ensures that placement position will allow space to work on strengths as well as give opportunity to create

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