Case Study On Hip Fracture Surgery

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Similar results were reported by another study (Blewitt and Mortimore, 1992) with 20 dislocations occurring in a series of 1000 patients. Their dislocation rate was 2 % in patients with earlier designs of hemiarthroplasty including Austin Moore and Thompson hemiarthroplasty implants. However, one study has shown higher hip dislocation rates (6%) after modular unipolar hemiarthroplasty (Ninh et al., 2009) and others (Pajarinen et al., 2003; Noon et al., 2005) reporting 4 %-6.5% dislocation rates with 86.9% dislocation occurring on the same admission of their fracture surgery. One prospective cohort study of 739 hip fracture surgeries (Enocson et al., 2008) showed that dislocation rate after anterolateral approach was 3.0 %. Though, this …show more content…

Furthermore, this group of patients who had dislocations in our study, belong to similar age group to those who didn’t dislocate their hemiarthroplasty (84.39 years vs 84.76 years and p= 0.7930). Similarly, male and female representations of patients in both dislocation and non-dislocation group were not statistically different (Table 2). However, our study revealed that all patients who dislocated their hemiarthroplasty were from ASA grade III compared to 62.9 % patients with ASA grade III in non-dislocation group. This 100% representation of ASA Grade III in dislocation group in our study is much higher than our usual patient group as well as ASA grades in fracture neck of femur patients published in literature. In our 734 patients who received CPT, only in 33.8 % (248) patients, surgeons used choice of extended offset or neck extensions and in remaining 66.2% (486) patients, standard offset implants were used. Our dislocation rate in this group of patients, where surgeons used extra offset or modularity, was similar to those patients where standard offset stems were used. Dislocation rate was 1.61 % compared to 1.85% respectively. There was no statistical difference between the two groups (p= 0.8165). This result also seems to be within

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