Case Study : Solutions Inc.

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Mezoweb Solutions Inc. is a small company which specializes in website development. Founded by Zac Harris and Hector Giraldo, this company does projects for small to big budget clients. Zac, the main programmer at Mezoweb, developed the Mez OS, which is a content management system; CMS. This simple system allows the client edit the content of the website without having to contact the programmer which time a change is needed to be done. The Mez OS allows the client to not only edit the content, but also add more pages or remove pages as needed. The client is able to change the content of the website as well as move the content freely and without much difficulty. Also, the Mez OS is very responsive, which makes it very mobile friendly. The whole system is written in PHP and it is composed of two parts: a core and a client folder. The core contains the main components and features of the system while the client folder will contain the website design and specifics. The core is the same one for all the websites, so if changes are done, all websites on the server are affected. In the client folder, there is one page that is the template for all pages; index.php. This template is used by the system for all the pages of the website; which means there is only one page design. Each website is design personally for the client. Mezoweb Solutions has a designer, but if the client as a concept or an idea, he can work with the designer and make their own design. All websites have the basic

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