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Noopur Shah
Case Study #2: After Boswell
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Psychopathology Case Study #2: After Boswell
Introduction of Client After Boswell has spent his life teaching as a professor but when he reached the retirement age he decided to spend 20 more years teaching his old subjects as a volunteer. His volunteering stopped when he claimed he was too old to get out there regularly, although, he still did plenty of house work and a lot of reading. He does not seem concerned with the news of a cancerous growth developing on his kidney, although, his mental health consultant is.
After Boswell is a 93-year-old African American man who has been retired for a few years now. There is no information about faith or religion. He lives on his own, presumably, and he lost his wife a few years ago.
Presenting Problem
After responded to the physician telling him there is a cancerous growth on his left kidney negatively. He said, “Well, good”, with also references his age and saying that he is shocked he has not passed away already. He is grieving which has caused him to drink two glasses of wine a day and when confronted about it he claims drinking two glasses of wine is good for his cholesterol. The mental health consultant made a point to say that he has no other symptoms of a mood disorder other than him feeling down for a few hours. This feeling he has is from the loneliness caused by his wife’s death and he has

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