Cause And Effect Of Lung Cancer

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become emphysema, there is a also statistics that the person will pass away within five years with a probability of forty to sixty percent. Furthermore, it is said that the possibility that he will live in ten years is about forty percent. In addition, since emphysema is said to be one of the causes of lung cancer, it can be said that smoking is also related to lung cancer. As is well known, currently, there are no effective treatment for cancer. Smoking habit is the main cause of lung cancer. The probability of a smoker becoming lung cancer is said to be about ten times more than that of a non-smoker. Also, smoking hurts their own DNA, that is, the risk of lung cancer extends to offspring. There may be people who think smoking cessation …show more content…

In other words, if smokers do not quit it, they will keep bothering other people forever. For example, secondhand smoking is a main bad effect of smoking for people who do not smoke. Secondhand smoking is the condition which non smokers are the same as smokers in spite of the fact that they do not smoke because the people around them smoke cigarettes. To put it another way, even people who do not smoke are given some bad effects because of sidestream smoke and secondhand smoking. This also affects pregnant women and babies. If pregnant women breath in cigarette smoke, their blood vessel contract, and blood circulation become bad. If their blood circulation become bad, their functions of placenta decline. Therefore, it might cause miscarriage and premature births. There are other effects on pregnant women and their children, so smokers have to be anxious about other people who do not smoke including pregnant women and children. Then, how can we reduce the risk to other people from secondhand smoke? Health Canada shows the following sentences. Cleaning or filtering the air, increased ventilation or segregated areas (non-smoking sections) cannot completely eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke nor the health risks associated with this exposure.2 The only solution to protect non-smokers is to eliminate smoking in all enclosed spaces such as restaurants, homes, and automobiles.For women who smoke, quitting smoking before conception or early

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