Cause And Effect Of Underdeveloped Communication Skills

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Cause and Effect In this essay I will demonstrate to families who lack a good foundation of communication that developing healthy communication skills can lead to building closer relationships and solving mental health issues. Underdeveloped communication skills is a common thing in today’s generation. Many families do not realize that they have unhealthy communication skills until it is addressed by a professional of some sort. Technology has lead many families in America to believe that the bare minimum, such as calling and texting, is one of the healthiest forms of communicating when it is not. Developing communication skills on a higher level than technology can contribute to building better relationships, better verbal conversations and better mental health overall. Developing better communication skills is more than talking to someone to get a point across. Listening and understanding the key components of the conversation is a part of having communication skills. By listening, issues would be processed better which would help establish a common ground between the people that are having a conversation. Establishing healthy communication skills can have a very positive effect on families in the way that many issues can be solved just from this. One of the first issues that come from underdeveloped communication skills would be depression. Many children and teenagers in families go through depression due to holding in problems that they are too afraid to share with
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