Cause Of Diversity Essay

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Diversity plays a big role in many aspects of a person's life. It can show a person for who they really are, by showing their true colors. But the main thing that's a problem about diversity is Racism. Racism is the main cause of hate towards people for their skin, hair, or even religion. So would you still think diversity a good thing all in all cause? I don't think so. I think diversity is just a problem of putting people into groups of what to hate and not to hate. They make others feel the shame of being themselves, instead of being proud of their own self. Diversity was a big issue from back then to now. There's that one group, mainly the caucasian’s that likes to overpower another by using the Bible. They will use the Lord as an excuse to make others feel worthless. What's upsetting how one group can turn against the other and easily make them be the bad guy. A black man can't even walk down the street without having someone be suspicious of him. “As I swung onto the avenue behind her, there seemed to be a discreet uninflammatory distance between us. Not so. She cast worried glance”( Staples). The author Brent staples is a black man who was just walking normally but because…show more content…
They are mainly created by films others present, or when mocking. In films, Latinas are portrayed to be sexy sex machines or maids. In I just met a girl named Maria the author Judith Ortiz talks about the mainstream media how they see and oppress Hispanic woman. She describes the different clothing styles are and how different their culture is “It was, and is , cultural, yet I often felt humiliated when I appeared at an American friend’s party wearing a dress more suitable to a semi-formal than to a playroom birthday celebration” (Ortiz 204). People created stereotypes of the black community of them being “dangerous gang member” or “drug dealers” even if they don't know them. Just by one glance they would assume and be very intimidated by
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