Causes And Effects Of Bullying In Schools

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As kids we probably never understood the term “bully” or why we were subjected to being bullied or why other peers were getting bullied. The fact that some children are constantly harassing other peers verbally, physically, and socially to a point of self-harm is very heartbreaking. Bullying has definitely been an issue in schools for years and now it’s affecting our children as early as elementary school. According to an article from Family Circle, bullying amongst students has reached epidemic proportions, and it’s taking a heavy toll on our children. Therefore, the main objective of this research is to obtain understanding and awareness about the causes and effects of bullying in children.

Most of us experienced a form of bullying sometime in our life. If we did, we probably never said anything. We cried and did not want to go to school. We would hide at lunch and even fake an illness. We would fake an illness just to go home early and to avoid the abuse from the mean kids. Sometimes we even ended our school day crying. We would go home miserable and tired of the torment that happened at school. Our parents wondered and questioned, “what was wrong”? But, we never said anything. We would then play with our siblings to forget our day. And still, no one would be there to solve our issue.
Bullying has been around for years but was never seen as a huge issue. Why? Because people considered it as, “kids will be

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