Causes And Treatment Of Cancer

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Cancer is the one of the leading cause of death both in economically developed as well as developing countries (Jemal, Bray et al. 2011). Although a number of chemotherapeutic drugs can considerably shrink tumor sizes, but they often fail to eradicate tumors completely (Sun, Wen et al. 2011) or have other limitations like toxicity and very high cost. Resistance to chemotherapeutic regime is a major reason nowadays for failure of anticancer treatments. Thus, there is always the quest for a molecule which have anti-proliferative activity against drug sensitive as well as drug resistant cancer cell and which do not have toxicity for normal body cells. Herbs and spices have been the important part of life since the beginning of civilization. Apart from enhancing flavor, color and aroma of foods, herbs and spices are also known for their preservative, antioxidative and antimicrobial roles (Chandarana, Baluja et al. 2005), (Yanishlieva, Marinova et al. 2006) (Ji, Li et al. 2009). Herbal molecules have evolved evolutionarily so may perform highly specialized functions. The unprecedented structures of herbal molecules make them excellent targets, and their potent activity against a broad number of therapeutic indications makes these natural products excellent drug lead candidates for cancer therapeutics (Newman, 2008). For a more effective and safe treatment of cancer modern science has started paying attention to the properties of natural products, specifically dietary…
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