Causes And Treatment Of Sepsis

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Sepsis is defined as the invasion of infection into the bloodstream (septicaemia) and start to affect other organs in the body (Foster, Whetsone, Prevost, & S, 2012). Septic shock can cause multiple organ failure and also can cause blood clots to form thus compromising the vital organs with enough oxygen and nutrients .Sepsis can cause a decrease in tissue perfusion which results in systemic vascular dilation .In this essay progression of infection will be explained, stages of septic shock, major causes of septic shock and the effects on perfusion and microcirculation on major vital organs (Foster, Whetsone, Prevost, & S, 2012).
Progression of infection
An infection is the invasion of the body microorganisms with pathogenic abilities such as bacteria, parasites and Viruses. Pathogens (Bacteria) invade the host cells, multiply greatly and secrete toxins that cause cellular damage or lysis that trigger an immune response that causes localised inflammation and activation of leukocytes to prevent the spread of pathogens to other areas of the body. Depending on the host’s immune system, sometimes the increase in the number of bacteria overwhelms the immune system causing the infection to spread to other parts of the body (Remick, Pathophysiology of sepsis, 2007). This is commonly attributed to gram positive and gram negative bacteria that usually cause severe infections that lead to an extreme inflammatory and immune response as a lot of cytokines are released as the

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