Causes Of The First Kashmir War

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Tensions between India and Pakistan can be traced to the partition of British India to form independent India and Pakistan in 1947. The princely states were forced to decide whether to accede to either Pakistan or India. This British policy opened the region up to conflict over the princely state of Kashmir and two others. The territorial dispute over Kashmir led to the First Kashmir War in 1947. This paper attempts to explain this conflict using different levels of analysis. This paper first explains the historical context of the war to show the causes of the war. Then this paper goes on to explain the war using different levels to analysis to determine that dyadic levels and individual decision making levels all explain the First Kashmir War occurred. The steps to war theory, rational choice, and psychological models all help to explain why Pakistan and India decided went to war over the Kashmir Region.
Following the partition of British India, the princely regions had to decide whether to accede into India or Pakistan. Kashmir was led by a Hindu monarch, Maharaja Hari Singh, and he ruled over a majority Muslim population (Ganguly 15). For this reason, Maharaja had a difficult time deciding which state to join. This indecision frustrated Pakistan and pro-Pakistani forces within Kashmir, and rebellions broke out in the Poonch region of Kashmir in October 1947. The First Kashmir War began on 22 October, 1947 with the invasion by Pakistani forces into the Kashmir region

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