Causes, Symptoms, And Preventions That Can Help With Osteomyelitis

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This paper will discuss osteomyelitis, information on causes, symptoms, and preventions that can help with osteomyelitis. This paper will also discuss the treatments and drugs that can lower the chances of getting or treat osteomyelitis.

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection and inflammation of the bone and bone marrow (Bontrager & Lampignano, 2014). For a normal human the bones are usually resistant to infections. However, bone infection can spread in a variety of ways; a severe puncture wound can catch a nearby infection and spread deep inside to the body, and can travel through the bloodstream and weakened part of a bone, can also occur with a direct contamination due to a broken bone. Two out of every 10,000 people have osteomyelitis; if the condition is left untreated the infection can become severe and can lead to blood loss in the bone, eventually death of the bone tissue. Today osteomyelitis is a treatable condition, for most people surgery is required to withdraw the dead parts of the bone from the body (Chihara & Lalani, 2012). Osteomyelitis affects both adults and children, in children the most common site for osteomyelitis is the growth plates the end of long bones where normal growth is disrupted by the infected bone. For adults osteomyelitis is more commonly found in the spine, pelvis and the sternum; also people with diabetes that have poor blood circulation may develop this condition in the feet (Eisenberg & Johnson, 2007). For osteomyelitis
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