Causes and Effects of Stress on Our Lives

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Introduction People have felt stress. Stress is scientifically defined as any stimulus or condition that threatens the body's homeostasis. Stress could be a negative or positive. People believe that thinking too much about things will make it go or help vanish the situation. Sometimes when thinking about things it can suddenly lead to being angry, mad or start screaming. People feeling angry or mad meaning that stress has overcome their life. Nowadays, people are wondering, "what is stress?" and "why does it happen?" Well stress is an unusual physical reaction to events that make people feel helpless, upset, angry and mad. Most individuals aren’t aware of stress and what can it have affect on their lives. Stress plays a dangerous role in human lives it can affect or lead to physical and mental problems. Stress happens only when people try too hard or work too much on things and such things are called pressurizing. Pressure plays the main cause of stress, which can lead someone to be nervous, crazy or angry. Not all stress are harmful, an equalized amount of stress maximizes health. Humans need some stress for emotional well-being. The fundamentals that causes stress are noise, fear, pressure from work or family, worrying a lot and working too much or too hard at your jobs, schools or home. Body Paragraph 1 Firstly, worrying too much about things can lead or cause awful stress. The human needs to be relaxed and unworried about anything even if this thing was very important

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