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CBP Recruitment Effort – Miles and Years Apart a Small World Just Down the Road

Customs and Border Protection has been actively recruiting potential candidates for the Office of Field Operations (OFO), US Border Patrol (USBP), and Air and Marine Operations (AMO). Since 2015, CBP has been attending career events, job fairs, colleges and universities looking for the best and brightest, and since 2015 CBP, has been pursuing those elite and few who have served our beloved nation. CBP has been pursuing veterans with their motto of enticing soldiers and veterans with the “continue to serve” sense of duty.
Ft. Hood is one of the military installations to which CBP has been recruiting soldiers and veterans. A one day a week recruiting event has now become a four day a week recruiting venue with the CBP Recruitment Office. CBP recruiters with OFO …show more content…

The squared away individual, Specialist Hernandez, expressed an interest in vacancies “back home”. When he was asked by Recruiter Galarza where home was, Specialist Hernandez replied the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. This caught the attention of Recruiter Galarza as he asked where in the Valley he was from to which Specialist Hernandez replied, “San Benito, Texas”. After he was explained all the benefits of the career with CBP, specifically OFO, Recruiter Galarza informed Specialist Hernandez that he too was from San Benito. After a lengthy conversation, it was revealed the Specialist Hernandez and Recruiter Galarza grew up a mile apart, graduated from San Benito High School years apart, and each of their grandfathers knew each other as they both worked the farms and fields in El Ranchito, Texas along US Military Highway 281. Specialist Hernandez’s aunt also worked as a cafeteria lady at La Encatada Elementary School where Recruiter Galarza’s mother, Sara A. Galarza, was the principal

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