Celebrity Body Image

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While waiting for basketball workouts to start, Candace P looked herself up and down thinking to herself that she didn’t look the part to play with the veterans in the gym for the cause that she was a bit overweight not to mention she some new basketball appeal because everything she had was old gear. Candace began to lace up her new under armour sneakers that her grandma just brought her. “HORN!” the buzzer goes off on the shot clock to aware the players that work outs were about to begin. Everyone approaches the line waiting to get picked for teams. While standing off to the side, and as players and being selected CP realized that she had not been chosen yet. Finally, Candace was the last person to be selected to play. As a couple scrimmages go by CP begins to understand that maybe if just took the time to put in work, instead of wasting the time she used to think negatively about herself maybe she will feel better and begin to speak highly of herself. …show more content…

Body image is the way people are perceived as to body weight being fundamental to our sense of who we are. Most people are influenced by celebrities, advertisement, and media. Building a positive body image can trickle from speaking of thy self highly and having a positive influential mind set. Mostly everyone deals with body image issues because they believe that there is an ideal image that they have to pursue to be accepted in society. Stating in the Passage “Enhancing Your Body Image”, “Today more than 66 percent of Americans are overweight or obese; thus, a significant disconnect exists between the media’s idealized images of male and female bodies and the typical American body. “You can’t live on a diet like this because it simply does not have adequate calories or protein,” says Anne Fletcher, MS, RD. “Not only does protein make you feel full longer, but solid food makes you full longer.” (Fletcher, 2010, para.

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