The Impact Of Mobile Phones On Everyday Life

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The mobile phone was invented in the second half of the nineteenth century (Goggin, 2006). Since the invention it has become part of the everyday lives of billions of people around the world (Goggin, 2006). Technology enters the busy lives of most individuals who juggle study, work and social relationships with others (Crabtree, Nathan & Roberts 2003). The use of technology such as mobile phones is mundane and rationalized in everyday life events, activities and interactions among others. Erving Goffman’s idea of “impression management” applies to the use of the mobile phones in everyday life situations especially when interacting with other people online via social media. An individual’s device may be related to their social class and their cultural and economic capital they have in regards to the way they use their device in day-to-day situations. My iPhone 6 plus is an important object that I carry around with me everyday. My iPhone allows me to keep in touch with friends and family and also engage in social interactions and activities (Goggin, 2006). It is a great device as it is easy to use and communicate with others. Instead of calling someone and talking over the phone, iMessaging allows me to talk to the person and also do other things in between such as watch an episode of a TV show. Having my mobile phone with me everyday is a great device to avoid awkward situations and make time past quicker e.g. flicking through the latest news on Facebook while waiting in
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