Cell Theory Research Paper

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Cell structures are a very unique component in life. Cells have the ability to accomplish many tasks. Theses tasks may include identifying genetic information, the gossamer endoplasmic reticulum subway system and the fibril laced cytoskeleton. All of these parts are needed in order to have life. Before all of this occurred, we developed a cell theory. The cell theory was basically used to explain how every living thing is made out of cells. In the cell theory there were three principals that it followed. The first principal was that all organisms are composed of one or more cell, and the life processes of metabolism and heredity occur within these cells. The second was that cells are the smallest living things, the basic units of organization …show more content…

The two largest compartment that can be found in the eukaryotic cells are the inner region of the endoplasmic reticulum is the cisternal space and outside of it is called the cytosol which dissolved organic molecules such as proteins and ions. There are two different types of ER: rough ER and smooth ER. Rough ER cannot be seen through light microscopes. The proteins that being made are exported from the cell, sent to lysosomes or vacuoles or placed in the plasma membrane. In this ER the proteins can be changed into glycoproteins and it is made to separate itself from other products and package it into vesicles that moves to the golgi for transportation. Smooth ER is used to store intracellular Ca2+. Also, it is responsible for the modification of random substances to purify it from being poisonous, in other words it is used for …show more content…

The cytoskeleton consist of polymer of identical protein subunits that attracts one another and assemble in long chains. In the cytoskeleton there are three different kinds of fibers. The three fibers are actin filament, microtubules and intermediate filaments. Actin filament are composed of two protein chains loosely twined together like two strands of pearls. Microtubules are the largest cytoskeletal element and it is formed from nucleation centers near the center of the cell and radiate toward the periphery. Meanwhile, the intermediate filaments is considered to be the most durable element of the cytoskeleton. They are a mixed group of cytoskeletal

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