Essay Challenges of Redesigning Our Engish 110 Class

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Sometimes in life we are faced with peculiar challenges that require unique solutions. This is exactly the type of situation my group found ourselves in when we were asked to redesign an English 110 class. We were only given five-hundred dollars to spend on this task. In addition to this the room we had to redesign only had four tables in it. In order to fit all twenty-four students in the classroom six students would have to share a table. Two students could sit on each side of the table and one on each end. This was not ideal because, in the best case scenario, there would always be four students that cannot see the board. If this was not enough, the room we were given was completely void of computers. My group quickly realized that in …show more content…

Students would be able to use these to right down ideas while brain-storming before a project. After this we spent, ninety dollars on an assortment of markers, spiral notebooks, and cardstock. The card stock could be used to create group outlines. These outlines would be followed as groups carry out projects and write papers. Lastly, we purchased four sixty dollar tablets, and a fifty dollar cabinet to store them in. We brought these tablets primarily for the purpose of doing internet research in class. However, these could also be used to play educational games on. At the start of each day the teacher will go over the daily agenda, which will be written on the white board. After this the teacher will give a brief lesson to the class. Once this is finished, the students will divide into their groups, and the teacher will meander about the class room offering guidance where it is need. On certain days the students will start their group session off by writing a journal in their notebooks or taking a collaborative quiz on their tablets. This would be followed by the group discussing the daily topic and completing there daily work. If the teacher needs to interrupt the group work he will be able to use his i-pad, which is connected to the projector, to put notes on the screen. This will be especially valuable when he decides that the whole class should hear the answer to one student’s question. Our class

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