Change Through Leadership : The Challenges Of Change Through Leadership

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Change Through Leadership
As an incoming leader to an organization that is in a state of stagnation, decisive and informed decision making needs to take place. One of the first things that will be looked at in this scenario is the different theories/change strategies that exists. The second thing we will be evaluated is how successful these change strategies are. The third and final thing we will look at is how different leadership styles effect the change strategy.
Existing Strategies of Change
Being the leader in an organization that is in a state of stagnation will present multiple challenges that will have to be overcome. When you have an organization that retains the “old guard” that are set in their way as well as having seen the …show more content…

When addressing the workforce, change will have to be crafted in such a manner the employees who have been with the company for many years will accept the change and feel that they are a part of it. Additionally, the change will have to be done in such a manner that the new employees feel its progressive and addresses their need and desire for change. Also, the change needs to be implemented in such a manner that it incorporates innovation along with emerging technologies, means, and methods. As the concept of change is to do thing differently than how they have been done in the last, the leader of the organization will need to focus on sustained and measurable change that new and existing employees can embrace.
Evaluation of Implemented Change Strategies
The second component of effectively implementing change is being able to measure how effective the implemented changes are. There are many Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that can be utilized such as: Profit, Cost, Sales, Sales by region, Customer satisfaction, Number of customers, Innovation Spending, etc. (Jackson, 2017). While identifying a multitude of KPI’s can be useful, it is critical that an organization choses ones that are targeted at what they are attempting to improve. As an example, sales can be high as well as profit, but returning customer could be low. As such, an organization

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