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ABU AS THE CONSCIENCE KEEPER OF THE VILLAGE IN “THE UPHEAVAL” TYBA Goan Writing Professor Sandhya Joseph Celima Paulina Fernandes-110633275 Shaunna Marion Fernandes-120629420 ABSTRACT This assignment looks at the work of Pundalik Naik and the research draws up upon a character, Abu who is called as the conscience keeper of the village. Most prior research focuses on his traditional, spiritual and moral values that he tries to inculcate in the villagers of Kolamba for their better future and prosperity of the village. This has been done entirely upon reading and analyzing the character of Abu from the novel “The Upheaval”. By portraying this character the assignment highlights the importance of reviving our traditional ways even …show more content…

(part I chp. 2) He aims at social and moral upliftment for the future of the village- especially the new generation. He does this through emphasis on education. a) He urges the villagers to send their children to Savlo Master so that they can be taught to be more cultured, and not crude like their ancestors. For Abu, education should get children acquainted with the scriptures. He does not seem to emphasize its practical importance. Thus, Abu tries to strengthen the voice of conscience among the children. Abu is an advocate of hardwork and duty. He believes that the fruit of hard labour is always sweet. a) We see this when Abu scolds Pandhari about not working hard enough in his fields as he has become distracted by money and the work in the mines. He believes that agriculture will keep his village safe and secure from these evils. b) Abu informs the villagers of their duty to send their children to school on time. Thus, he acts as a guiding force to mold the punctuality of the children. Abu, though traditional, has a particular amount of foresight and aspires for a better future for Kolamba. He understands the destruction and havoc mining could cause and tries to alert the villagers. a) When Abu finds the children imitating the immoral behaviour of the elders in their games, Abu the moral guide of the village arrives and puts an end to their game. However, he is unsuccessful in getting the villagers to pay heed to his fears. (part I chp. 3) Abu tried

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