Childhood Span, Developmental Stages And Stages Of Each Individual

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Adult Wellness Throughout the life span, developmental stages of each individual greatly differ. Dealing with the prospective of young adulthood as well as an older adult, many factors exist that can lead to an effective teaching plan. While interviewing the younger and older adults, there were similarities as well as differentiation between the two ages, which is seen through their goals, outcomes, developmental stages, communication, and information that was given. Goals Goal variation is different for people and their current situation; however, it is surprising to find a goal, which is similar for the younger and older adult. When looking at the goal of the younger adult, the similarities the individuals share pertains to impaired home maintenance. The evidence for the senior adult who is without a fire extinguisher. The younger adult’s home was by evidenced by inoperable doorknob, which could be fatal if a fire was to break out and a person was trapped behind that door. While both individuals have similar goals concerning impaired home maintenance, on the contrary they each had different goals related to their health. With the senior adult, health was a concern due to the excessive use of natural herb products. In this particular case, the senior adult informed me of the usage of several different types of laxative products. The over use of laxative was concerning. The senior informed me of having three to five bowel movements a day. This type of action

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