Childminder Research Paper

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A childminder is somebody who works with children in their own home for more than 2 or three hours a day. A childminder needs good communication skills, be able to understand children, be able to keep records and to be able to do basic maths. They have to attend safeguarding training courses so that the children are kept safe and attend regular training in the evenings or weekends. A childminder doesn’t have much time to themselves due to having to make sure that all registers, accounts, learning records and risk assessments are all looked after and updated. They also need to make sure that the children are looked after in a safe and healthy environment. A childminder has to make sure a child’s needs are met and be able to make them feel safe and secure. …show more content…

They need to change nappies and make bottles for babies. A childminder has to provide activities for indoors and outdoors including educational activities and games. They also take the children out on trips or if the children are old enough, take them to and from

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