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The conventions and meetings industry has unlimited growth potential. It will bring substantial returns on investment. Therefore, all destinations should actively promote conventions and meetings.

Program MSC HTM 524: Convention Tourism
Instructor Name: Dr. Karin Weber
Student Name: XIAO Xiang (Sean) 13117714g

Recently, the global convention industry is showing consistently developing trend and growing potential. Based on the research done by the World Tourism Organization (WTO, 2006), it shows that the number of participators at convention including exhibitors and delegates are …show more content…

Meanwhile, the total convention industry output reached at 907 billion U.S dollar which is very outstanding during the recession. In addition, the meeting related activities always contribute to employment significantly. In 2009, the convention industry created 6.3 million jobs and provided 271 billion U.S dollars total labor income. Compare with other industries, the contribution for employment made by convention industry is significantly obvious. To be more specific, the author also takes Orange County Convention Center as a example, more than 25,500 employment opportunities are create directly or indirectly by the OCCC every year which is contribute to the Central Florida region. (OCCC, 2014)
In addition, the convention destinations can also encourage other domestic industry to be improved when they host meetings and attract outsiders to visit. The economic impact will also affect to some other related service business such as tourism industry as well. Based on the analysis, in 2009, the 16 percent of total output in tourism and travel industry in U.S.A, take 113 billion U.S dollar in 708 billion U.S dollar, is shared with convention industry. It means this part of income is mainly attracted by convention industry. (PWC, 2012) In most cases, accommodation, food and

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