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The subject of my evaluation, let’s call him Tb, an interesting young brother; converted at an early and called to be in the service of the lord almost immediately. His background speaks greatly of the way we should all strive to instruct our children in methods of behavior and interaction with others . He serves as the Youth Pastor at the church where I currently attend. He oversees a group of approximately 45-50 young people from 12 years of age until early adulthood. This is a long span of years where being accountable , and totally transparent apparently pays …show more content…

The advice I would give is to always remain accessible to His Spirit …. all will work to your and the body(the church’s ) benefit.

4. Do you have a person philosophy (i.e. an agreed upon plan of action/policy/understood protocol) of how/when/where you confront sin in the lives of 1) co-ministers/co-leaders in your ministry, and 2) people to whom you minister? Are you able to provide a GENERAL (i.e. no names!) example of how this philosophy of confronting sin and was/was not followed by you within your ministry in the past? What was the outcome? . “ I generally look for patterns of behavior with my peers, understanding that we all are in need of correction or another. Gently at first I may say something to the person in private. Ministry is says “if your brother sins against you, go and rebuke him in private. If he listens to you, you have won your brother. Matthew 18:15 rarely has it continued beyond this stage. My plan of correction beyond this stage would be to 2)few on one confrontation… and beyond that #3)Church Leadership on one confrontation where he or she would be brought before Church leadership a deacon or elder to bring about correction. If that method failed, the person would have to be brought before the body as a whole, to inform all about what has occurred and his or her refusal to

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