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Abstract The Cincinnati Seasonings Supply Chain is a mockup of a supply chain to support a company that designs and markets food seasonings and sells its products in stores throughout the United States. The purpose of the case study was to familiarize students with setting up a supply chain and simulate its operations. The thought process was to define the product and set up the facilities, vehicles, and routes to have an effective and efficient supply chain. The challenge for the entire exercise was to get the Supply Chain to run continuously for thirty days or more, without interruption or running out of product. Cincinnati Seasonings is a family owned and operated business; the founder was born and raised in Ohio. Cincinnati is…show more content…
A new truck was implemented into the schedule, to transfer Spicy Cube from the warehouse to the final destination, so the stores did not run out of inventory as often. Just the slight change in how the trucks ran made a huge impact by altering the shipping direction, the trucks were able to get the product to intended destinations somewhat faster, which was another factor in the stores stabilizing product inventory on location. Because the product was leaving the warehouse and getting to stores faster, the initial problem of product on hand and storage space was rectified and the stores showed a moderate increase in profit. Some of the actions taken were to reduce or better yet, eliminate the issue of excessive product inventory, included combining, and making the shipments larger and increase the amount of product on hand, so that stores that where low on Spicy Cube could retain a normal or slightly more of the product to reduce risk of shortage. Due to making shipments larger, I added an additional truck to assist in getting the product inventory from the warehouse to the stores. Major Improvements 1 Reflecting on the simulation one of the things that should have changed would have been changing the interval of the trucks so more of the product could have been transported from the

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