Circumplex Model Essay

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THE CIRCUMPLEX MODEL The Circumplex Model Chavelle Carter Lincoln University October 7, 2017 THE CIRUMPLEX MODEL 1 Western societies tend to promote individualism or independence in contrast to Eastern societies, which promote collectivism, or interdependence. …show more content…

The primary inventories used today to assess family functioning with the Circumplex Model are FACES II, FACES III, and the Clinical Rating Scale. Other THE CIRUMPLEX MODEL 2 instruments, which are part of the family assessment, are sometimes used in conjunction with these scales. A profile of each instrument follows. The Circumplex Model is a valuable tool for guiding interventions at the family level. It can also be used to assess dyadic functioning, by using the couple version of FACES II or FACES III along with the ENRICH Inventory scales for marital satisfaction, communication, and conflict resolution. The self-report and the observational measure, in combination, are recommended for treatment planning to enable clinicians to gather multiple views on family functioning. Specifically the model can be used as a tool to help families construct solutions to move from one level of family functioning to another, or simply to better understand each other’s perceptions and needs. FACES and the Clinical Rating Scale can establish a baseline at the start and measure progress during the course of treatment. Scores on discrepancy between family

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