Cirrhosis And Its Effect On The Body Essay

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Every year people from different age groups are diagnosed with cirrhosis or any other disease in the United States. Liver is an important organ just like the rest of the organs inside our body especially for the digestive system. The liver has to be healthy to do many important functions for example, blood clotting, digesting food using bile duct, and many more duties. People may develop cirrhosis differently because their bodies react very different on how it may develop. Developing the disease cirrhosis in the liver will weaken the body and how it is not going to function properly anymore. Scarring tissue usually develops in the liver and because of the worn out tissue it will not allow the blood flow for the liver to work. Cirrhosis affects the body in which in some cases leads to the development in liver cancer later on in life or any other disease. When cirrhosis sometimes takes its toll really fast in the liver then that is definitely a different story. Cirrhosis starts with a cause in which people develop signs and symptoms, receive treatment, they get tested to confirm the disease, and there are preventions for those people who do not want to develop cirrhosis in the near future.
The cause of cirrhosis is do to a factor or many factors for many people. Cirrhosis maybe caused by an excessive consumption of alcohol for many years, chronic hepatitis B or C, fat in the liver, and other causes as well (“Cirrhosis” 1). In addition, more causes are nonalcoholic

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