Cja 484 Week 5 Learning Team Final Corrections Research Paper and Evaluation

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Correction Proceedings Based on the information gathered from different materials, proceeding with jails, prisons, probation, parole, juvenile, and community corrections may range from many perspectives. Jails and prisons are different from a few perspectives, but it may also vary on the length of time to serve for punishment. Parole and probation are reservation options to help educate criminals about ethical knowledge. Community corrections are also provided to help keep the environment safe from harm. After evaluating the past, present, and future trends of community-based corrections, the program has helped develop other alternatives for offenders. This will help the criminals
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Other alternative programs are available like the day programs, or check-in programs for drugs or alcohol use, community service, and other methods for building trust by these ‘at-risk’ offenders (Haughtone, 2010, para. 2). Community-based correction programs are the future of the criminal justice system providing for the needs and issues of offenders, without these programs or an opportunity for a second chance, offenders will continue to reoffend returning to jails and prisons in this country and Canada.
Examine correctional organization and administration functions that reflect operations and fiscal demands.
Any correctional facility or law enforcement agency requires fiscal responsibility in order for it to continue running. Electricity and water are just some basic necessities associated with running a correctional facility. There are also other expenses like personnel, for example, prison guards, administrative personnel, and the warden. The warden, also known as the administrator, is the person responsible for maintaining the fiscal demands, administration functions, and the organization.
According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website the major administration functions are “population management, human resource management, security and facility management, correctional leadership and effective public administration, public safety, national security, and inmate programming, building partnerships, and counterterrorism” (2012).
The administrator must
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