Class Observation Report

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Observation: Last week, a ball dispenser was out for the children to play with. It was on the top of the shelf and “Child A” was trying to reach for it. “Do you want the ball dispenser ‘Child A’?”, I said. I took it from the shelf and put it on the floor; “Child A” sat down. I pressed the switch and the ball came out from the ball dispenser. He smiled and I said, “Oh! There it is!” as the ball rolled on the floor. He stood up walked towards the ball and picked it up. He walked back and put the ball into the ball dispenser. He stared at it for two seconds and he looked at me and said “ooh” as he raised his hands on his side. I said, “Where is it, ‘Child A’? Where did the ball go?”. I held his hand and guide it towards the switch, and pressed it. He laughed and I clapped my hands when the ball came out from the dispenser, “Yaay! You found it, ‘Child A”, I said. He imitated me and clapped his hands as well. He put the ball in again and stared at it; I kept on looking at him to see if he would press it. He kept on looking at me and on the candy dispenser while saying, “Ooh ohhh”. “Where is it, ‘Child A’? What do we have to do?”, I said. He was still looking at me and on the ball dispenser. I assisted his hands on the switch again and after three tries he did it by himself. Earlier today, children were playing with the ball dispenser as well. They were dancing whenever they hear the music it plays whenever the switch was pressed. Dialogue & Reflection: It seems that children
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