Clinton Political Policy Essay

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with him or her. The other part was the republican's effect. Since these are the major critics, they knew how to withhold support from coming trough to the Democrats. They criticized every single issue that these Democrats told of the health care system. These made it possible for them to conquer the battle and defeat the Democrats in their quest to deliver healthcare systems. If the opposing side becomes stronger than the proposing side, it weakens the government says on an issue. The issue is over politicized and hence seen as of no importance and no use to the citizens of a particular nation. (Rao 2012) Another interest of the group is the use of blame game when many critics are given to the one who proposed an individual issue. …show more content…

These would only mean that even when this bill was drafted to be passed as a law, the Republicans would have rejected it. (Jacobs 2015) The policy process was vague since Clinton had not considered putting the right measures of advocating for this project. If he would come up with a more realistic pattern of undertaking the process, then it would have been simpler to make people agree to the project since it was an excellent program. The environment that this policy had to be taken through was hostile. These are because the Democrats were not in standard terms hence the delivery would have failed to have gone through. If a side does not have a clear view on what to implement it is always correct for such a party to discuss the way forward on what approaches they would have taken to convey to the public. There was turmoil in the party at that time, so Clinton should never have advocated for the advocacy of that bill at such a time. Hence he would have waited for the political diversion to cool down to proceed with the healthcare plans. Another thing that this leader would have done was to select another leader to head the policy rather than his wife. This policy would have been respected more and more people would have conquered with the bill for the well-being of the country. Lastly, Clinton was supposed to show his leadership authority by bringing the party to one decision. Hence this was easier for him to allocate what its members expected. (Tesler 2012)

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