Cloud Computing : Cloud Technology

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Cloud computing environment fundamentally facilitate two basic functions: computing and data storage. Data security remains an issue in the use of ICT, but in the cloud computing environment, it becomes even more worrying issue for its users, because cloud services are delivered over the internet and are provided by large scale data centres. The cloud data centres can be located anywhere in the world, and consumers’ usually have little or no control over how it is stored and managed. Cloud technology is increasingly adopted by companies as it has enormous benefits as well as draw backs. This study analyses security issues within cloud computing environment particularly focuses on privacy and issues regarding data security, how could cloud data in cloud be made more secure and explores various data security solutions and techniques. Glossary Private cloud: cloud computing model implemented for private use within an organisation. Public cloud: cloud computing model whereby a cloud service provider provision resources over the internet such as software and data storage, which clients can access through the web browser. Community cloud: The cloud infrastructure is provisioned for shared use by various organisations and supports an exclusive community that may have common interests or concerns. Hybrid Cloud: a combination of private and public cloud SaaS: Software as a Service PaaS: Platform as a Service IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service Introduction Cloud
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