Coca Cola Company's New Strategy

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The Coca-Cola Company has been able to adapt with the times when it comes to public relations, publicity, and advertising tactics. The company’s tactics has had to evolve over the last century to be able to keep current consumers, and attract new consumers. The key for any company is to be able to adapted to changing technologies and processes. From the beginning, The Coca-Cola Company understood the importance of having a solid brand identity. There isn’t a brand that is more “branded” than The Coca-Cola Company. When people think of Coke, people might think of the color red, the iconic bottle shape, or maybe even polar bears. These easy identifiable symbols that represent Coke, allows the company to build an integrated marketing plan around the iconic symbols. The Coca-Cola Company’s new integrated campaign is meant to unite all the brands under the The Coca-Cola Company’s umbrella. This is a new strategy for the Coca-Cola Company, usually all the different Coke Trademark brands, such as Diet Coke and Coke Zero have separate campaigns. If one thinks about past Coca-Cola campaigns different varieties of Coca-Cola are not featured in the same still advertising shot or commercial. The only time one see all The Coca-Cola trademark brands together are places where beverages are purchased such as a vending machine or the grocery store. This new campaign will change that mindset. Not only does it unite the trademarked brands, but it unites the global brands as well. This…

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