Coca-Cola's Promotions

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For Coca-Cola, all of these different components have contributed to the world's most valuable brand, recognized almost everywhere on earth, and with strong consumer associations (Interbrand, 2011). The company's product is an iconic soft drink with a distinctive taste derived from a blend of herbal extracts. The price is generally at a healthy margin for the company. The product is inexpensive to product, and sells for around $2 for a two liter bottle, but is sometimes discounted from that. The place is an area where Coca-Cola excels. The company has extensive distribution, in almost every country in the world and with near saturation-level market penetration in most parts of the world. In terms of promotion, Coca-Cola promotes extensively, using a number of different venues including advertising, point of sale promotions, work of mouth and social network, and different promotions with the company's channel partners (i.e. McDonalds). This paper will examine the different means of promotion for Coca-Cola, and analyze this in context of the other four Ps.

The most effective medium for Coca-Cola promotion is probably point of sale. There are a number of methods that the company implements as part of its point-of-sale program. The saturation-level distribution is critical, because point of sale only works where the product is available. Additionally, Coca-Cola uses displays, branded…

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