Code Of Ethics And Ethics

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In five years, changes that coincide with the projected 100% growth require the following revisions, starting with the code of ethics, issue identification and ideas affecting software architecture department will drive the upgraded growth. Achieving amplified productivity, and a restructured business model that outfits future profits. Correspondingly, meeting the focus on ethical and professional business objectives that satisfies stakeholders and organizational needs.

Code of Ethics

Adhering to professional ethics will strengthen the organization’s pursuit in compliance, marketing, and risk mitigation constructing guidelines for employees and stakeholders to follow. In facing the much-needed attention to the company and staff further reinforcing a healthy work environment to progress. Leading to the presented three focal codes of ethics, empowering the organization in completing the objectives. The code of ethics forms guidelines for employees to follow, as it will structure the organization to comply with governmental rules and regulations. Introducing the first core ethic, I will follow rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. Organizational compliance is mandatory by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Engaging a “conforming or adapting one’s actions to another’s wishes, to a rule or necessity. A compliance code would be intended to meet all legal requirements (Ethics & Compliance Initiative, 2016)”. Encouraging confidence, decreasing misconduct,…

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