Code of Ethics in Trans World Entertainment Corporation Essay

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The Trans World Entertainment Corporations is the code of ethics that I will be critiquing. A business code of ethics is a collection of their principles and procedures that they aim to live by. Their policy statement refers to maintaining honor, openness and preserving the spirit and upholding the letter of the law. William H. Swanson, Chairman and CEO of Raytheon Company said “Code of Conduct is the foundation of our Company’s commitment to the highest ethical standards” (Swanson, W., 2008). A few of the key components focus on personal interest and the companies interest to avoid conflicts regarding the interest of the company; avoid candidate kickbacks; maintaining accepted accounting principles; maintain a good reputation and avoid…show more content…
The confidentiality and concerns of the company are addressed in a clear and concise manner. What the company expects or restricts is clearly defined in the work relationship, personal fees and commissions, service with outside organizations and conduct with competitors. Securities and investment are allowed to invest in company stock and their view on insider trading, violations and the response to outside requests for information concerning the companies’ finances.
Trans World expects their employees to take care of the corporations assets without misuse or removal of such asset unless authorized.
The company’s code of ethics required the employees to obey all safety laws, health and environment regulations. To conduct themselves in the community with good citizenship with in the corporate surroundings. Appropriate accounting was established for internal controls and record keeping to meet both legal and business requirements. Employees are expected to follow the policies and controls set by the accounting principles.
Trans World is an equal employment company that emphasized on prohibiting discrimination and harassment under federal and state laws.
Trans World Entertainment Corporation has a code of ethics that discusses their commitment to integrity, honesty and being trustworthy. The values to respect your fellow employee
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