Cognitive Style And Cognitive Style

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Cognitive style, also known as thinking style, refers to the customary patterns of behaviors which often emerge in cognitive process. Cognitive style is not significantly related to the ability of thinking reasoning among students, mostly formed by attitude and expression during the process of perception, memory and problem solving. Cognitive style is individual differences in the cognitive process with great varieties, such as field independent style and field dependent style, reflective style and impulsive style, and wholist style and analytic style.
Field independent style and field dependent style are individual differences in cognitive style what Herman Witkin, an American psychologist, has discovered in his research. Field independent
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Wholist style tends to respond to cognitive task by holistic strategy. They are used to perceiving material from the holistic perspective. There is a long span in reading comprehension. According to research, English majors in the vocabulary learning, guess words in context. The reading material provides them with information to help them guess the meaning. By students’ knowledge, experience, common sense, contrast and analysis, they can guess the word’s meaning. In the research, giving English major an unknown word, at the same time, letting them read materials, thus, they can guess the meaning by relating the word to the context, sentences, clauses or paragraphs. This is an effective strategy to master words and vocabulary. Analytic style tends to pay more attention to the details and procedures. They can establish clear and identifiable formation parts. That is the typical feature of analytical style. In the vocabulary learning, English majors recognize word parts. For example, they are given words, and they must break into parts. The word “production”, English major can rewrite the word in parts, pro duct ion. They also can underline the words to show the parts pro/duct/ion. If they learn words or remember words in this way, they can bring together the words easily with the same suffix, prefix or
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