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Bach and Grant (2009) define communication as the exchange of information between individuals through verbal, non-verbal and written techniques. This coincides with interpersonal skills which focus on the process of building and maintaining relationships and monitoring and responding to the effect of communication on those involved (Callara 2008). Communication and interpersonal skills are a vital element in all aspects of nursing care including prevention, treatment, education and health promotion (Fakhr-Movahedi et al. 2011). The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) places these skills as one of the core competencies required in order to effectively carry out the role of a Registered Nurse and so it is vitally important that these skills…show more content…
Robinson et al. (2014) stated that communication unfortunately still remains an aspect of end of life care that is poor as it was reported that professionals continued to use complicated language, lacked adequate skills to deliver bad news sensitively and often appeared as too busy to talk. Good communication and interpersonal skills are fundamental in ensuring safe, respectful and compassionate care within nursing and in consideration of this, various communication tools have been implemented within healthcare settings to assist professionals to communicate effectively. For example, situation – background –assessment- recommendation (SBAR) communication is a tool which enables healthcare professionals to provide clear, relevant and succinct information even in stressful situations by assisting them to collect their thoughts in a calm and logical order, ensuring that sufficient and relevant information is forwarded (Chapman 2009). Similarly, in specific relation to end of life care Zeppetella (2012) provides an explanation of the guidance provided for healthcare professionals to consider when delivering bad news to patients and relatives. Firstly, staff are encouraged to prepare themselves by reviewing relevant patient documentation in order to gain sufficient knowledge and
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