Communication Is Necessary For Society And Culture

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Communication is necessary for society and culture to function, and have change and continuity. Communication involves a sender conveying a message with verbal or nonverbal words or gestures to a receiver who encodes and understands the message then replies using the same form of communication. Verbal communication uses words and speech sent in a written or spoken medium. Nonverbal communication makes up for where verbal communication lacks, using gestures, body language or facial expressions to convey a short message.
Factors that affect how a message is sent or received are; family background, education level, personal life experiences, health, family situation, monetary situation, marital status, employment, intellectual level, personality and behaviour.
There are many unspoken rules in communication, for instance, communication should clearly express the message and be in respect to the person with whom the individual is speaking with and the receiver must respond as a courtesy to the sender when the message has been received and understood. This is imperative in nonverbal communication as the message may not be as clear as it would be if it were spoken with mutually understood words than facial expressions or body language, the tone of the speaker also lacks in nonverbal communication. With all the different social constructs and norms of communication, researchers have come up with theories as to why persons behave the way they do in something as simple as a
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