How Has Communication Changed In The Past Century?

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How has communication changed in the past century? Before that question is answered, one must know what communication is. The book defines communication as the process of transmitting and understanding information. Communication is also known as the task of imparting ideas and making oneself understood to others. Good communication can ultimately affect a business’s profit. For example, the way a waitress speaks to a customer could directly influence the sales of a restaurant. She could talk a table into purchasing another drink or she could make the guest run for the door.
Effective communication plays a pivotal role in the workplace. Effective communication is accomplished when the transfer of information, meaning and understanding from a sender to a receiver is successful. Therefore, effective communication requires a two-way exchange of the proper information. Achieving effective communication is vital to being a successful supervisor. This is because the majority of the day is spent giving and receiving information. Just like a parent that wants their child to feel comfortable talking to them about things, a supervisor wants to encourage an environment for their employees to communicate. Therefore, a supervisor must know how to receive information and understand the messages sent by employees. Also, just as entry-level employees must understand their supervisor’s instructions, a supervisor must also be able to fully understand messages given to them from high-level

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