Communication Opportunities At The Employees

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Communication opportunities
During my observations and talking to the employees, most of the employees expressed communications issues within the company. However, I felt the communications issues were not issues but communication behaviors and responses to a deeper problem, such as “I tell Randy about a problem I have and he does nothing,” or “I ask questions about the future of the company, and I never get a straight answer.” Communication behaviors are set of interactions or acts that are initiated in a series of events in order to progressively or regressively reach a conversational goal (Keyton, et al., 2013, p. 153).
Based on my conversation with them, their goals was to express their frustrations about the lack of management, leadership, and blurriness of the company’s future direction. These concerns will be addressed separately from this section. However, there were two communication opportunities that I feel are important to address. Most of the project managers and sales people feel these are rooms for improvement and can reduce the daily squabble between project managers, sales people, and Randy. These opportunities are improving the structure of the audit committee and having a better management policy for smaller sign projects.
Restructuring the audit committee. During my discussions with the project managers and sales representatives, a few of them mentioned that the owners had created an audit committee in January of this year to review projects that
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