Communication System And Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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According to Chanin Eimsark (2008), the research regarding on communication system and corporate social responsibility of business in Thailand aiming to investigate business system and operation to corporate social responsibility to Thai business as well as communication of business socially responsible of business enterprise to public by studying the companies awarded CSR awards from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (2006) as followings; (1) Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited (Thailand) company , (2) PTT Public Company Limited (Thailand), and (3) Siam Cement Thailand Public Company Limited (Thailand). The study found that three companies launched a principle involved in the corporate social responsibility by clearly scheduled and adhered action since the companies were established. Companies strongly pay attention the economic, social, as well as environmental aspects as achieving sustainable development both organizations and whole society by starting from the internal dimension which is self-development and environmental sustainability, human resource management, health care and safety at work. Then, the external dimension is also necessary, responsibility to the community, and consumer care by dealing with supplier and business partners. According to CSR types, which are separated into these dimensions followings: (1) Firstly, a responsible economy (earning the business revenue based on the target of the company and building long-term the business steadily) (2)

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