Communication System in Malaysia

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INTRODUCTION Every day, in our work and in our leisure time, we come in contact with and use a variety of modern communication systems and communication media, the most common being the telephone, radio, television, and the Internet. Through these media we are able to communicate (nearly) instantaneously with people on different continents, transact our daily business, and receive information about various developments and events of note that occur all around the world. Electronic mail and facsimile transmission have made it possible to rapidly communicate written messages across great distances. ELEMENT OF COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Information signal is given to the transmitter which then transmits the message over the medium to the…show more content…
* In 2008, Packet One Networks Malaysia Sdn Bhd became the first provider to introduce Wireless Wimax Service on 802.16e spectrum technology. Early Stage (1946-2000) In 1 April 1946, RTM was established as Radio Malaya operating out of Singapore, with a Malayan section created in Kuala Lumpur in 1950. The first English language radio station (now Traxx FM) began operations the same year as The Blue Network under Radio Malaya. With the independence of Malaya in 31 August 1957 Radio Malaya was split into two; the original studios in Singapore was taken over by a new station called Radio Singapura and Radio Malaya moved to Kuala Lumpur going on air from the new location on 1 January 1959. It would be later renamed Radio Malaysia on 16 September 1963 with the transmissions beginning with its trademark words Inilah Radio Malaysia (This is Radio Malaysia) on the day the Malaysia of today was born. Television services under the name Malaysia Televisyen (Malaysia TV) or Malaysia Television (Malaysia TV) started on 28 December 1963 in time for the national New Year celebrations in Kuala Lumpur and regional telecasts in the Klang Valley in Selangor state. The then 10-month old Television Singapura (launched on 16 February 1963) became part of Malaysia
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