AM broadcasting

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  • Communication System in Malaysia

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    INTRODUCTION Every day, in our work and in our leisure time, we come in contact with and use a variety of modern communication systems and communication media, the most common being the telephone, radio, television, and the Internet. Through these media we are able to communicate (nearly) instantaneously with people on different continents, transact our daily business, and receive information about various developments and events of note that occur all around the world. Electronic mail and facsimile

  • Audio And Video Has Been Used Since 1850 ' S

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    Audio and video has been used since 1850’s. Over the past years look at the first Star wars to now the last star wars and the difference between them of the quality, have we really came that far in technology? Has dated back to the first phonogram to mp3 players. First invention was from thomas edison by creating the very first phonogram. This paper is over the advancement of audio and video since the beginning to modern day. Last year i was in a class called Career Preparation, in the second semester

  • Federal Communication Commissions

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    to review ownership rules to verify whether or not the media ownership rules are in the public interest. Legal Authority of the FCC and its History The FCC administers all broadcasting and imposes the requirements for wire and wireless communications through its rules and regulations. The archetypes for the FCC’s broadcasting regulations were formed before the Communications Act of 1934 by its predecessor the Federal Radio Commission. Unequivocal jurisdiction over broadcast was not granted to the

  • Pirate Radio USA

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    public is even less acute to the disputes that were being held across the country between local micro broadcasters and the FCC. From the perspective of the FCC, it was unlawful and potentially dangerous to have numerous unlicensed broadcasters, broadcasting locally unfiltered

  • Radio Stations Of New Zealand

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    According to Berelson (as cited in Macnamara, 2011) some purposes of content analysis include to discover certain trends in communication texts, to compare media and how they communicate and to predict the effects of content on audiences. The reason I am using content analysis as oppose to more systematic and objective approaches is that it allows me to develop precise explanations concerning trends in media content whereas impressionistic approaches are better for describing the content, as there is

  • The Music Industry Is Changing Rapidly With The Advancement Of Technology

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    is a large enough amount of money that broadcast radio won’t die out in the next couple years. The radios can still play the hot new hits from major artist and obtain enough listeners to create advertising revenue. As listeners have migrating from AM radio to FM radio to internet radio, the major advertisers have followed right behind them. The advertising companies want to market where they can hit the most consumers for the smallest amount of money. If there is three times the amount of people

  • Career Of Radio Suresh Kumar Verma Essay

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    changes as the group staff, analog to digital, AM to FM, Public to Private and announcer RJ . He transformed his size, format, duration, and its programs, but remained pervasive not only in developing countries but also in the heart of developed countries. But one thing is sure that Radio needs of creative and talented people to fill a range of interesting and diverse roles. Radio remains as vital as ever. We saw a strong tradition of public service broadcasting after independence, an industry thriving

  • The Media Of Fm Radio

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    Recently there have been interesting developments in the world of wireless communication. Much controversy surrounds the activation of the FM chip, found within most of the cellphones manufactured worldwide. This chip allows the reception of FM radio. Opponents on both sides have stated their cases. There are those who view it as obsolete technology and others who see it as a necessity in an emergency. In dire situations this could be the only means of relaying important information to the masses

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Hrome Bluetooth Speaker

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    Bluetooth speakers exist in abundance today, but frustratingly few of them offer more than a crackling peep forced out of a flimsy plastic shell with the energy of an elderly woman trying to blow out all the candles on her 90th birthday cake. Despite the hundreds of thousands of models being produced by as many brands, a truly great Bluetooth speaker is almost impossible to find. Portable speaker enthusiasts who want to listen to their favorite music as it would be heard over a larger hi-fi stereo

  • The Importance Of Co-Presence In Radio Broadcasting

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    Radio broadcasting has become an influence in contemporary times as it is a way of communication to a wider audience. Through radio broadcasting, we are introduced to a variety of components, different music genres, currents events both locally and internationally, competitions, free giveaways and live interactions between presenters and listeners. However, it is the idea of co-presence that is stimulated through these components in which makes radio broadcasting exciting to listen to and engage