Communication Theories Paper

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Communication theories paper
Amanda Haring
Com 310

Communication is defined as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior. Communication helps us understand one another. ("Communication", 2011).
Communication is broken down into theories. Three examples of these theories would be the social penetration theory, cognitive dissonance theory and the uncertainty reduction theory.

The social penetration theory was created by professor Altman and Dalmas Taylor. This was their attempt to describe relationship closeness. They suggested that relationship closeness occurs only through a gradual process of self disclosure. Self disclosure is when people
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We were inseparable, and we still are. To this day we talk daily about issues or problems we may have. We also get together about twice a week to let our children play together and have some “mommy time.” I feel very blessed to have a friend like her in my life, and to grow up together was priceless.

Another example of a communication theory would be cognitive dissonance theory. This was created by Leon Festinger. Leon suggested that if a small incentive is offered for a behavior change, an attitude change is made were the incentive is offered. The person will change their behavior if they know the reward in the end is worth it. I have some personal experience with this theory as well. I dated a man named John for a few weeks. I liked the fact that he was honest; he had an amazing personality and was very humorous. After going on a few dates and spending time together, I felt differently about him. Instead of breaking the relationship off, I stayed involved with him because I didn’t want to hurt him or his family. He was such a wonderful person and I knew he adored me. It sounds horrible to say but I wasn’t happy. I stayed in the relationship because he was a nice guy who liked to go to dinner and he had a wonderful family. My reward in the relationship was more important to me then my feelings that were involved. I held my feelings about our relationship inside, and continued to date him for a few more weeks
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