Community And Public Health Nursing

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Running head: Final Position Paper 1

Final Paper: NURS 416
Brenda M. Jensen RN
Boise State University
Spring 2015
Professor Jayne Josephsen MS, RN, CHPN

Final Position Paper 2


The focus of this paper is to describe community and public health nursing as it pertains to the disease, Malaria. Major concepts discussed include genomics, funding, laws and legislation, community education, and the role of the public health nurse.

Final Position Paper 3


Malaria is one of the “most severe public health problems worldwide” (Impact of Malaria, 2014). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), half of
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Researchers have identified mutations in the parasite genome that are associated with resistance (Miotto et al, 2015). The implications of these findings could possible identify “areas where artemisinin resistance could spread” (Morelle, 2015). Even though scientists are not fully aware of the mechanisms involved, “tracking down parasites that have these genetic changes could help them to identify the areas where resistance may spread” (Morelle, 2015).

Final Position Paper 4
Malarial research and genomics has allowed a better understanding of the disease and drug responses. It has been used as a tool for mapping the markers of resistance within the parasite’s genes. These findings open the way to new therapeutic interventions against malaria, by providing insight into potential means of treating and controlling the disease. The implications of these discoveries on nursing practice could mean that nurses will have to learn about new emerging anti-malarial drugs and possible side effects.
Malaria inflicts tremendous economic burdens to a large proportion of the human population. One funding issue involved in the fight against malaria is the perpetual cost of replacing insecticide treated nets (ITN). ITNs are insecticide-treated bed nets that “form a protective barrier around people sleeping under them” (Insecticide-Treated Bed
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