Company Analysis : Tricorbraun Inc.

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Tricorbraun Inc. was established in 1902, by Samuel Kranzberg in St. Louis as a used bottled company. Over the years Tricorbraun has evolved by successfully acquiring and integrating businesses to become the largest company in rigid packaging. Tricorbraun is currently ran by CEO, President, Vice president, and several Regional Operational Managers and over 2000 employees. Tricorbraun has three design centers in the United States, forty offices internationally and creates over one billion in revenue. Tricorbraun is one of the largest suppliers of rigid packaging worldwide, making it a leading force in the packaging industry for the past three decades. Tricorbraun knowledge, skills, and innovations provide leverage over competitors. Tricorbraun values their customer’s financial advantages. Though hard work, the company has gained great success, including engineering the development of mold designs. With over forty location nationwide Tricorbraun knows the key to their success is their employees and their commitment to excellent customer service. Tricorbraun works with customer step by step through the design and engineering phrases to create a container that is innovative and appealing to the target market. Tricorbraun has a massive library of stock molds in North America and access to global resources. Tricorbraun is one of the first rigid package company to establish itself as the undisputed industry leaders. Tricorbraun prepare and manage a budget for forty location each

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