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Company Introduction and Analysis Paper on Wal-Mart By: Team A ECONOMICS FOR BUSINESS I - ECO/360 June 13, 2005 Abstract Wal-Mart has grown to be one of the biggest corporations in the world, employing 1.3 million workers worldwide in 2003 in over 4,300 stores with sales around $256 billion. They sell everything from clothing, tools, toys, electronic goods, appliances and groceries. A major force behind its success was the vision, enterprise and daring of its founder, Sam Walton. He was the one who started the "super center" retail event. He also implemented a supply chain strategy that required stores to reorder stocks only as needed instead of keeping huge amounts of merchandise in warehouses. Mr. Walton also…show more content…
Many stores are open twenty-four hours a day and remain busy a majority of the time. Like most retailers, the Christmas season is their busiest. The advantage they have over many retailers is that they offer layaway services to those who choose to prepare ahead of time for the holiday season, allowing many customers the opportunity to begin making payments several months in advance of the season. They often alternate their product selections by limiting the brands used and brand selection available in their stores. Only the most popular brands and selections are available for each market, as is the case for their Sam's Clubs. Many times, you will not find the same products available from week to week, because they rotate the products available based on availability and season. Say you go in to Sam's and they have a Capri-Sun four (4) case pack available for $6.99. Two weeks later, you go and now they have a Kool-Aid Coolers four (4) case pack available for $6.99. The product selection has varied based on the availability of similar products that they were able to get at the lowest price. They strive on providing the lowest possible price, which means a variance in the product (brand) selection available. Product selection availability is their bread and butter. They have their own clothing line, Faded Glory and product line, Sam's Choice. Their fresh meat selections are of the highest quality and the prices are
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