Compare And Contrast Anxiety And Anxiety

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We sometimes worried too much of things that are happening in our life, and that can cloud your judgment. Moreover when we are thinking or worrying too much you can burn out and then you feel tired the entire day. Lots of time we don’t know what we are having, we might think that we are stress out, having a panic attack or just tired of work; this feeling it’s called “Anxiety”. Maybe you think that you haven’t had that problem in your life or that you have a strong personality and that’s why you think you haven’t had it yet but later you will see the symptoms of this feeling, some benefits that it has and the differences between a panic attack and anxiety. Also you will see how common this feeling in everyone and maybe you will see that it’s…show more content…
Panic attack it’s a feeling that you often have when you are trying new things or just need to talk in public or do something in public, you have a panic attack because you don’t want to mistakes or/and don’t like everybody judging you. Furthermore panics attack only occur in a specific moment, can only cause having a bad time, and it’s not that dangerous as the anxiety, because it cannot become like a mental disease. In the other hand anxiety it has some similar feelings or symptoms but it often occurs like whenever your body or mind feels endanger or threatened by something or someone, when you need to take a big choice, when you’re in a predicament or difficult situation or more common after you broke up in a romantic relationship. Furthermore there are some psychology studies that say the difference between panic attack and anxiety is pretty noticeable after some studies of the subject, like anxiety having more than one way to occur and having more mental diseases that can come from letting the anxiety take over your…show more content…
Also now you know the difference between panic attack and anxiety. Panic attack only occurs in some specific moments that have to do with doing something in public and anxiety occurs whenever your body and mind feel endangered or in a difficult situation. With that we can come to a conclusion that anxiety needs to be better explained to everybody. Spread the awareness to your relatives and tell them that they don’t need to be afraid of this and if they have a big problem with this, you can suggest them to go to get medical treatment or to go to a psychologist. And don’t forget this “Everybody wants happiness nobody wants pain but you can't have a rainbow without a little
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