Comparison Between Apple And Samsung

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The mobile phone market had been ruled by companies like Nokia and Motorola back in the day before the smartphone entered the market. Once Apple took over the market when it launched ‘iPhone’ in 2007, other brands scrambled to ride the smartphone wave. The product became immediately popular among users with the hi-tech features becoming the new benchmark for new phones. The iPhone was the first smartphone to introduce a multi-touch interface and unique internal apps. The iPhone is still a strong device in the market and is one of Apple’s leading product lines. After a lot of competition from companies like HTC, LG, Nokia and BlackBerry, the clear survivor was Samsung. Its Galaxy models have been giving Apple’s iPhone a serious run for money with their covetable features. Apple and Samsung are the largest manufactures of smartphones across the world, together producing 53% of the hand-held devices used in the world ( The devices are mainly aimed towards premium millennial users who are likely to continue buying high quality, high priced devices. This essay will analyze Apple and Samsung’s marketing mix along with a comparison of their promotional strategies, value proposition and key positioning for the same target audience.
Target Audience Apple’s iPhone is aimed at millennial users who value latest technology and are not hesitant to spend money iteratively on a new device for its upgraded features. The market can be segmented into general purpose users and

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