Compare And Contrast Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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Qualitative and quantitative research methods are two very broad research methods that are used in research to help answer questions that are being researched. Researchers all approach their methods differently and use various ways to determine the way they reach their research study. The differences in how this is done is what makes the study approach unique. Qualitative research for example gathers the information to come to a hypothesis where a quantitative research starts off with a hypothesis. Qualitative is in the form of non-structured in depth interviews and or group discussions. The information from these interviews and or groups observations is then recorded to see what is going on and see if there are patterns being formed. Whereas quantitative research is more structured using things like surveys, questionnaires and observed observations where mass amounts of people can be reached. That information is then input into a computer and statistically analyzed. These two approaches are mostly used in social science fields. “For example, much of the current research in psychology is quantitative because the research aims for generalizable knowledge about behavior and mental processes. In contrast much of the current research in sociology and political studies tend to qualitative because research aims for a rich understanding of a particular context” (Newman, 2016, p. 1.2). Qualitative research is more focused on how people think and feel and quantitative research is
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